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Counseling and art therapy for performance anxiety and confidence

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Being an athlete, at any level of competition, comes with a lot of pressure that many people don't understand, often leading to performance anxiety, self-criticism, and self-doubt. Positive mental health and emotional well-being is becoming a widely talked about issue in athletics as the pressure continues to grow for today's athletes. 

I'm Melanie, licensed professional counselor and board certified art therapist.  

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As a competitive college athlete, I struggled with anxiety and self-confidence. I fought with self-criticism and low self-esteem that significantly impacted my performance and training. I lacked the self-awareness and emotional skills necessary for high level competition. I continually fell short of my capabilities due to significant anxiety and negative self-talk due to insurmountable pressure of perfection. I often look back and question how different things would be if I'd taken my mental health seriously. 

Your story might sound something like mine. But this is only the beginning. You don't have to spend another year looking back on last season wondering what went wrong and how to do it differently. Together we can help you practice healthy habits of mindfulness, self-awareness, and positive self-talk necessary to help you reach your peak success this season.

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