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Counseling and
        Art Therapy
for trauma, anxiety, and

I help people like you become the best versions of themselves.

"We forget the chains we wear in life"- Charles Dickens

Let your creativity set you free. 

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Oil Painting on Canvas
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Art Therapy

What is Art Therapy?
Art therapy is a unique and integrative mental health service that enriches the counseling experience through active art making, the creative process, and free expression.
How can it Help me?
Art therapy can help you to express, process, and understand deep emotions that are difficult to put to words, foster healing of past experiences, and provide a safe space for free expression without judgment.


Colorful Wall

It's normal to feel stuck...lost...and alone, with no sense of direction or purpose in this world.
There is HOPE


Sometimes a major life event can take a major toll. It can impact us physically, psychologically, and emotionally, making it difficult to adjust and cope with what happened.
Trauma responses can make it difficult for an individual to experience life outside of the negative events that occurred. Together, we will help you process through and move forward from life's traumas. You will be able to  better cope with and move forward from difficult events.


Anxiety can look like constant worrying about the future, overthinking interactions or situations, feeling "on-edge" or "waiting for the shoe to drop, even feeling irritable or agitated. Anxiety makes it challenging to value the positive aspects of our lives, often replacing them with fear and negativity. Utilizing cognitive therapy techniques, you will learn to re-frame negative thoughts that lead to anxiety, and identify and change behaviors that distract from enjoying the positive things in your life.


As we go through life we can sometimes feel lost in who we are or who we may be becoming. Life changes can make us question ourselves and the path we trodden, making it difficult to know where to go. Sometimes we feel lost and alone, like nobody knows or understands our experiences. Therapy can help you gain insight to your inner self and your experience. Together, we'll help you discover the person you are and gain confidence in the person you want to become. 

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