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Art therapy for veterans and active duty service members struggling with PTSD, anxiety, and anger. 


Some of you may have returned home feeling out of place and misunderstood. The world you knew before you left was completely different than the world you came back to, and nobody seems to understand.

I'm here to help. 

Adjustment to Civilian Life 

The military doesn't train you for life after war. Whether you're struggling to adjust to a new environment, adapting to a new work life, or facing challenges in relationships with civilians, art therapy can help you to have an outlet for emotions and experiences that others may not understand, rediscover your sense of purpose, and find your new direction in life. Together we will help you start to live your best civilian life.

Combat Trauma 

Art therapy can be beneficial for veterans and active duty service members struggling with symptoms of PTSD related to combat trauma by allowing for a space to express the traumatic memories where words cannot. Our sessions will support you in creatively expressing such experiences that you may otherwise struggle to communicate. Together we can help you learn to cope with your triggers and move forward from painful feelings and memories.

Military Sexual Trauma and Other Military Traumas

Art therapy will help you to understand and process the deep emotional wounds of your trauma, as well as provide a space for you to feel safe in your expression. To begin your healing journey, you will learn to cope with emotional triggers, process and understand your thoughts and emotions, and better practice self-compassion.

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